Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Volunteers Needed

I am needing a few volunteers to help me out. I'm finishing up some patterns that I would like to sell, and I need anyone willing to give them a try. Before I start to sell the pattern, I would like to know if it is easy to follow. I am giving the pattern to those who are willing to help me, for free. The only thing you will need to buy is the fabric and extra supplies. Here are the patterns below, these are quick pictures, so if you have any questions please let me know.

The Big Bag

This bag is a really simple, perfect for beginners.

Skirt with 3 layers
This is also a really simple pattern that is good for beginners. The pattern is for all sizes, toddler up to adult. The size you see here is for a 9-10 year old.
Skirt with 2 layers
This skirt has a lining in it, to act as a slip. It is accented with the ribbon for extra fun. The size here is for an adult, but can also be made for any size.
A multi pocket apron
This apron has as 3 layers of multiple pockets. Great for the multi-tasker. This was a really fun apron to sew.
The divider Bag This bag is an average size, with a divider in the middle. It is a sturdy bag to help carry it all. The Jogger/Stroller Blanket This is really one of my favorites. We recently moved to a colder climate, and I love to be able to go for walks. I hate taking a blanket and having it fall under the wheels of my jogger. So I decided that I needed a blanket that the straps of the jogger would fit through. The back of the blanket has the correct placement of holes for the straps of joggers, car seats, and strollers to fit through. The bottom of the blanket has a cubby for a childs feet, and then it wraps around them, and straps with a button or velcro. This blanket comes in 2 sizes. Baby and toddler. The size you see here is for toddler, and I can fit my 2 and 4 year old inside. If you are interested in helping me out, you can get ahold of me a couple ways. Leave a comment below, email me, or contact me through my etsy button. I will be needing a couple people for each pattern, and encourage any sewing skill levels. Thank you for your help! Shannon

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sale Sale Sale

I am having a Sale on all my things!! check them out, go to my etsy link!!