Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halloween Fun

Here are a couple ideas from years past for some fun halloween costumes.

Dorothy and the Tin-Man.

Dorothy is made with a gingham fabric where the pattern alternates at the waist and hem. The dress is one piece with the diaper cover underneath to match. And she can never go without her red sparkly shoes. The shoes were hard to find in such a small size, so I used a black pair of babydoll shoes and added red glitter to them with just your basic Elmers glue. And yet again, I cannot make anything girl, without a bow!
The Tin-Man is made in a silver stretch fabric, and zips up the back. At each joint is a hinge that is attatched with buttons. The hat is made from a funnel that has been spray painted silver. This Tin-Man already found his heart!! These costumes were made from Simplicity 4024.

If you have seen Veggie Tales, you will recognize these costumes! Above is Bob the Tomato. Bob was made with red felt. The eyes are lightly stuffed to stick out, and the nose was stuffed to jump, with a large smiley face below. The neck and hem of this costume have elastic in them to hold it in place, and give it the round look with the hem landing at the hips. Red tights and a green leaf bow accent the costume very well. The bow is made from felt and ribbon.

Larry the Cucumer was made similar to Bob the Toamto, minus the elastic at the hem. This costume ends just above the feet, and is still very easy to walk in!