Monday, December 19, 2011

Princess Dress Just In Time For Christmas

I just finished working on my newest pattern.  I am so thrilled about this dress.  It is truly made for a princess.  The pictures I have here are not the best because I had to secretly get the picture.  I made 2 for Christmas gifts for my daughter and niece.  As soon as the beautiful models see their dresses, I will provide you with better pictures.  These pictures don't do the dress justice on how pretty they turned out.
I am not yet needing pattern testers for this dress because of the busy time of year.  I thought I would share it with you though so you can get ready.  I would love to get your opinion on a time that would be best to post the drawing to test this.  A couple days after Christmas or should I wait until after the new year.  You let me know! 
If any of you are interested in this pattern before Christmas let me know.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some of my Christmas Favorites

I love this time of year!  Year by year we will add more traditions in our home, and last year I added all three of these recipes to that.  Merry Christmas to all of you, and I hope that your holidays are wonderful!!
Feta Salad
12 oz mixed salad greens(I used fresh)
2 fresh pears, cubed or sliced
1/2lb. fetta cheese, crumbled
1 c. craisins
1 c. camelized pecans - pour 1/3c. white sugar and 1 c. pecan pieces into sauce pan over medium heat.  Stir constantly until sugar melts and becomes sticky and light brown.  Watch Carefully!  Remove nuts immediately to a plate to cool.
Dressing -
1/2 c. red onion
1c. sugar
2 tsp. Dijon Mustard
1tsp. salt
2/3c. white vinegar
2c. veggie oil
3 Tblsp. poppy seeds
Mix 1st 6 ingredients in a blender, stir in poppy seeds at the end.
Lemon Water
1 Tbsp. lemon extract
1 Tbsp. citric acid (get at the pharmacy, sometimes they will need to order it in)
3 c. sugar
5 qts. water
lots of ice
If you can't find citric acid, "true lemon" crystalized lemon substitute, you will have to use 3 times the amount, you can also add "real lemon" concentrate.
This was fun to make, and I got the recipie from my Family Fun magazine.
Gingerbread Trifle
 click on the picture for the link to the recipe with Family Fun.

Merry Christmas to all of you.  Thank you for all the support you have given my blog.
I would love to know a tradition of yours this time of year, please leave a comment and share.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Digital Designs Giveaway

Another giveaway!!
My little sis, has just started her own Etsy shop, Digital Designs.  I am always amazed with her, she is just so talented.  Years ago, our parents had bought both of us a sewing machine for Christmas.  We were both taking lessons.  Tiffany used hers for only a little while, but she didn't enjoy it.  Tiff has always been creative, so now she takes fantastic pictures (which I think she needs to sell some on Etsy), and now digital art.  I was lucky to have her design my sewing pattern front page.
Tiffany is giving away her most popular Digital Print, Monster Madness.  My oldest son's favorite is the 1 eyed monster, and my daughters is the purple.
Make sure to stop by and check out Tiff's facebook page and website for her pictures.  They are gorgeous!
To win this addorable Clip Art  -
please leave me a way to contact you in your comment, you must be a follower of my blog.
For 1 extra point for each of these ways - 
you can follow my blog
Please support Tiff of Etsy and like her shop

Like me on facebook and twitter
And for 5 extra points if you blog or facebook about this and leave me a link to see!
Giveaway will end next Thursday night at midnight.  December 15th.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Re-purposed Block Stocking Hangers

I have been wanting some stocking hangers for a long time now.  Every year we end up putting our stocking under the tree until Christmas Eve.  Then the kids play with them, and run off and scatter them all over the house.  It drives me crazy to pick them up all the time.
I can never decide on the stocking hangers that I want.  Or the ones I fall in love with are kinda expensive.  So I thought I could re-purpose some blocks.  These blocks had some cute saying on them, but they never matched anything I had so they just sat in the closet.
I was feeling crafty!  I love those days!

Here is how I made them:
I used some blocks I already had. If you want to make these and don't have any pre-cut blocks, go buy a 4 x 4 at the local lumber store.  Then cut into squares.
I lightly sanded down my blocks so they were not rough.
I painted with craft paint the entire block.  I only used 1 coat of paint, but you may want 2.
I found a cute font on the computer at this 1001 free fonts.  I used Angelic War.
I typed the Christmas words that I wanted.  Joy, Noel, Peace, Love, Faith
Make sure the font size will fit onto a 3 1/2" square.
Print onto Christmas colored paper.
Cut out to size of block.
Mod Podge the paper onto the front of the block.
When dry, Mod Podge over top of the paper.
When dry, lightly sand the edges of the block around the paper.
Use an antiquing stamp or stain around the edges of the paper.
Screw some small hooks into the front of the block.

It was so quick and easy.  I got it all done in one day, as I was running around doing other things as well.  Since we don't have a fireplace to hang our stockings on, I thought I would hang them on our shelf that usually holds family pictures.  Now all I need to do is make some matching stockings for all of us.  If you have any cute stockings you have seen online, please let me know.  I have been looking on Pintrest and found a few.

These are not the best instructions, no pictures.  So if you want to make these and need some help, send me a note!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Win Win with Crafty Lil' Fox

I feel like a whole new person!!  I am sure you have noticed the new look of my blog.  I was so lucky to have found Melissa with Crafty Lil' Fox.  She has totally revamped my blog, and I think it looks amazing.  the blog now has pages to find things better.  The colors are so light and fresh, I am so excited!  I wish I could say that I helped come up with the ideas of how the blog turned out, but I can't.  I owe all the credit to Melissa for doing such a fabulous job.  She really pinned me to a T, with my style!
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Here is a little bit about Melissa in her own words - 
I'm a craft addict, web designer, copywriter and world traveller! I started Crafty Lil Fox to share tips and hints for selling online, marketing small and home based business online, using creative blog designs and successfully building craft and handmade businesses. When I'm not creating beautiful blogs, my favourite crafts are crochet and sewing and I'm a bit obsessed with beautiful homes.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winner of Made Just Wright Giveaway

We have a winner!!
Shannon Foust

Thank you for entering.  I gave your information to Andi, and she will be contacting you.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another lucky win!!  I am guessing you have noticed the changes in my blog!  This is a hint as to what you can get tomorrow.