Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Golden Rippy

I am always asking for testers, but this time I got to be a tester!!  This was so much fun, I loved this chance to make this top for Rachel with Golden Rippy.  Not very often do I get time to sew for myself.  Getting the pictures after I had made this was the hard part though.  I tried to get my kids to take pictures for me, but hello double chin!  I found one that they had taken that showed the top good so you could see without fingers or sunlight in the way.  So then I ran over to my good friends house and had her take one for you.  That way you could get a good picture of how the top turned out.

The Delilah Top is the grown-up version of the  Dahlia Top in the Golden Rippy shop.  It comes in sizes xxs - xl.  

With great instructions and such a quick sew, I was so proud of how my top turned out.  The Delilah top comes with two embelishment options.  I chose to use the bow option and place it over my right shoulder.  If you would like to see the other option, please stop by Golden Rippy's Shop.

I think this top would be perfect for a beginner to learn to sew on knit fabric.  It a fun quick sewing project that can be made in a day, and worn the next!  I made my top back in June, and I have worn it a bunch of times since.  I have had so many compliments on it everytime!  Gotta love the attention when we look good, right!  My daughter really love this shirt, so I am thinking I will need to be making the girls version, Dahlia, very soon.  Make sure to stop by and check out the Golden Rippy blog.  Rachel has recipies, tutorials, and more patterns to share!!