Friday, September 18, 2015

Quick and Easy SEWN Boot Sock Tutorial

The weather is definitely getting more cold here!  I don't like cold feet at all.  My family knows that they should expect me to buy a new pair of slippers every 6 months, to replace the pair I just wore through.  So when it gets colder outside, I trade my flats in for my boots.  That way I can wear socks, and stay warm!  But wearing a boot sometimes without a boot sock is like not wearing underwear.  OK, not really, but now you can see how important it is for me to feel warm.  I live in Idaho, I should be used to cold temperatures, but I'm not.  

So I wanted to really quick make me some new boot socks, I decided to check my fabrics here at my home before going to the store to buy some fabric or some socks.  And I DID!!  As I was looking through my boxes of scrap fabric, I thought I should share this with you too.  I know I am not the only seamstress that has too many boxes of scraps!  It took me less than an hour to make 3 pairs of socks.  And I didn't spend a dime, because it was all supplies I already had on hand.  Who doesn't like free!!??

Ok, here is the quick tutorial.  I kept it simple, I know there can be more ways to make these socks, and probably better ways.  But since I was jumping into this project so quickly, I didn't think things through.  So what I am sharing with you is what I did, and what worked for me.  I know there are a few better ways to do these, but when a sock is free, it is worth just playing around with, right!?  If I am missing something in these instructions or you have a question, leave me a message or email me.  I hope to add a few new designs I am thinking about as I find the time to make them.  So as soon as I do, I will add them here.  So make sure to pin this to your Pinterest Board so you can come back for reference.  

Step 1. Measurements.  Measure from your ankle to your knee.  Mine was 14".

 Measure around the widest part of your calf.  Mine was 14" again.
 Measure around your ankle.  Mine was 9".

Step 2.  Cutting.  I have a diagram right here that will help you.  One of my fabrics stretched more than the other 2 so, I ended up trimming it more.  So if you find that your socks are too lose, then just cut some more off.  Easy fix!
Using the measurements that I took above this is how I cut my fabric out.  I cut it on the fold, so that both sides would be identical.
As you can see in the picture that it says cut here when adding lace or trim to sock, make sure you do this if you are adding any kind of extension to the top that you want to show over the top of your boot.
Also in the picture it says to add 6" for the scrunched look.  If you look in my photos above of the finished socks, you can see that the colorful pair is scrunched at the top.
The measurement between the ankle and knee is cut at an angle where your ankle will be smaller than your calf, that is why there is an angled cut.  In the second picture below I trimmed off that abrupt edge where the angle meets at the calf line.  I wanted a softer line there.

 Step 3.  Sew the side seam for the gathered sock.  If you are adding lace or trim skip down to step 5.

Step 4.  Optional foot strap.  If you are like me and hate when your socks try to creep up your calf as you put your boot on, then you will want to add this step.  It is also great to have if your boot socks are kinda lose on your leg, so it is held in place.

Measure from ankle bone to ankle bone, around the bottom of the foot.
 Cut and sew a strap piece.  2 " wide by the measurement you just took.

Step 5.  Adding Lace or trim.  Stitch with an overlock or zig zag stitch the lace to the top of the sock.  If your trim is not as stretchy as your knit, than you will want to cut it longer and than ease both pieces into each other as you are sewing.  If you are not adding lace to your sock, than skip this step.
 Sew Side Seam.

 ALL DONE!!  So Easy and quick!!  If you are like me, now you don't have to feel bad that you can't knit a pair of boot socks.  All you have to do is sew them!  And in half the time!

 LACE TRIM BOOT SOCKS Without the foot strap.

GATHERED TOP BOOT SOCK, with the foot strap

 TRIM TOPPED BOOT SOCK, with out the foot strap.

I hope you get a chance to make you a bunch of socks!  Post them to my facebook page when you do, I would love to see what materials you had on hand and how yours turned out!!!  My facebook link is here -
And don't forget to pin and share this tutorial with someone you think would love to follow it.