Friday, November 4, 2016

The Womens Kycie Skirt

With this newest pattern, The Kycie Skirt, you get a lovely and soft sweet design.  For a limited time you can have this pattern for 50% off.  Hooray!!!  Save 50% 11/5 - 11/6 2 days left!! Saturday, and Sunday.

The Kycie Skirt is perfect for the girl or woman who wants to be a princess. With gathering and a decorative elastic band around the waistline this skirt is sure to feel comfortable throughout the day. The full long length gives it an elegant touch. And we can't forget the whimsical swirl detail around the bottom of the skirt. We can be a princess at any age, right!

But don't you worry, there are options!
*Don't want the swirls, no worry, take them off.
*Want to show some leg, fabulous, we have a high/low option just for you.

With all these options you also get this pattern in 4 adult sizes. 
* Small 
* Medium 
* Large 
* Extra Large

Pattern is now able to be automatically downloaded through my Etsy shop.  Make sure to use coupon code GIVEME50 at checkout to save 50%.  Click HERE to get it now!

Wanna know where the name Kycie came from?

My husband and I have some friends of ours that have a daughter who went into a diabetic comma. Life had instantly changed for their family. Months of miracles and setbacks took their course. 7 months later Kycie passed away. Josh and Jamie didn't want this to happen to anyone else so they shared and posted everywhere, to help educate everyone to see the signs of Type 1 Diabetes in those they love. If you would like to read her touching story you can find it here - 

Because of their awareness as I was watching my son go one day from riding his bike sunrise to sundown. Then through then next few days all he could do was lay around and couldn't stop needing to use the restroom. Within a week I knew something was wrong and immediately went online to read more on symptoms because all that kept going through my mind was this sounds so close to what Kycie's mom, Jamie told me. Because of Kycie and her parents we were able to help our son before he was hospitalized. We were truly blessed, and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't say my prayers for Kycie helping my son.