Monday, December 27, 2010

So Talented!!

I have been so buys lately, with such random stuff.  Thank you to all you that are faithful and keep checking up on me!  I am working on new patterns that will be fun for the winter and the spring.  I will keep you posted and will be looking for Testers!

It is so fun to be able to catch up with old friends!  Thanks to facebook, we can find so many old friends that we have lost contact with.  Nicole and I went to BYU Idaho together, when it was called Ricks College.  It was fun to find each other on Facebook!
You have to go over and check out her shop, Repent Industries by Nikkisic!!  Nicole's shop has been open for a year.  She is so talented and always loved fashion.  Now she can do something about it, and she is doing fabulous.  Her scarfs are so BEAUTIFUL!!  I LOVE THEM!!

                                            And to top it off, she is a fantastic photographer!!