Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Dance

Today was a pretty awesome day for me. I needed a new pair of jeans. With mine already taken in and then repaired one to many times and I couldn't keep up with the holes. And they were looking pretty baggy. So I took some time for myself and tried on pants. I went down 2 pant sizes!! Eek!!! I want to dance! I actually did when I was chatting with the girl helping me. Thanks to my second round of the 21 day Fix! 

What beachbody programs have you bought?

What programs have worked for you? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eating Clean

I have decided lately to take more time for myself!  I had been spending too much time worrying about the next great pattern, and ignoring myself and my family.  I had mentioned in a post earlier this year, that I need to take some time away from my sewing machine to focus more on my family.  Well I did that, and loved it!  I have really enjoyed my kids, and we have spent some great time together.  I still have been sewing, but only a few custom orders for people, and for my kids and myself.  I don't think I could ever stop sewing, I love it too much.  I feel relaxed while I am sewing.

Anyway, to get to my point of why I decided to post today.  I am so excited, that I have been feeling so wonderful for the past year.  My husband and I have been doing our homework to learn what is in foods and what we should and shouldn't be eating.  I had heard some of the most fabulous transformation stories from people.  I am so impressed my what I have learned!  So our family has been trying to eat clean for the past year.  Sometimes it is hard not to pull something out that is processed, but I can say that I have very little processed foods in my home now.

I am continuing to learn more about eating clean, and I also feel like I know enough to be able to help someone else wanting to eat better too.  So I thought that why not do this with friends!  I am going to start a challenge on facebook for anyone that wants to join in!? 1 WEEK OF CLEAN EATING! We will share recipes, ideas, information and facts about foods, eating clean, It will be the perfect place to motivate each other, share challenges and triumphs. I will start the group in a pre-season on Sept 15th to help get everyone ready for the official start day on Sept 22nd. Who's in?

If you are in, leave me a comment below and a way to contact you.  Or send me an email.  My email address is found on my contact me page!