Thursday, November 28, 2013

50% OFF and Stocking Stalkers

Are you a stalker of My Taylor Made sewing patterns?  Do you want new Stalkings for Christmas this year?  Are you a sucker for contests?  And do you want to win free sewing patterns from a bunch of designers?
IF so, here's the plan: Choose a designer or a pattern you love, one that speaks to you, one that moves you, one that inspires you. Then, take our FREE STOCKING PATTERN and put the two together. How? You figure it out. Turn your stocking into a love song for Ellie Inspired. Sew up a message in a bottle for Tie Dye Diva. Compose a handmade,  heartfelt sonnet for Foo Foo Threads.  The only tools you need are your imagination, your sewing machine, and the stocking pattern.   You can read more about the contest here - 
 Robin Hill's photo.

More great news for you.  All patterns in my shop will be 50% off all day on Black Friday.  The only other time to be able to take advantage of this is when a new pattern comes out.  So this is a great to take care of those patterns that have never been 50% off.  Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY  for every pattern purchase in my shop!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Designers Challenge and Coupon Code

When I joined a Facebook group for designers, I was so excited to be able to work with other designers.  It is kinda intimidating to see how much talent is in this group.  Seriously!  Amazing ladies!!  One day Andrea Panell suggested that we put together a challenge.  A challenge to get all of us to break out of the box.  Design something new, that may be a challenge to us.  So here is the list of designers and their release dates for the Challenge.

I of course thought what a great idea to be one of the first and get it done.  Well I kinda ran into a snag this weekend, and found out the pattern that I had hoped to use in this release was perfect.  But with a snag, I have decided that I better fix it first.  I hate to rush and not have it right.  But I do have a pattern in my shop that I feel is perfect for this challenge.  I would have to say it was the most challenging pattern that I have ever made.  It took me the longest to get this pattern right.  I'm not gonna lie, it actually took me almost a year to get it right.  But I am so excited to have it out in my shop this last April!

With this Designers Challenge I was taken out of my comfort zone the most with the Tyler Overall!  I will be offering the Tyler Overall for 1/2 off for All of Monday and Tuesday.  Make sure to grab it now. 
Use Coupon Code PANT12 to get it 1/2off!!

 Overalls are perfect for everything,right! Every boy needs a pair, they just look so cute in them. Great for baby pictures, just to wear out and about, and of course to just be a boy and play in the mud. I would love to see this made in a pink denim too, for that sweet little princess.
Pattern comes in sizes 3 month to 24 month.
More Great news!  If you would like to get this pattern for free, make sure to stop by Pattern Revolution and enter the drawing.  Robin will have a drawing for each designer when they release their patterns, make sure to stop in each day for a new pattern.