Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jocole has come to my rescue

We all have very busy lives and sometimes don't even know what to do with them!!  I hit a point shortly after this last pattern, and I definitely had put too much on my plate.  So sorry for not posting for a while!  But I have been so excited about this last pattern, the ruffle skirt.  It is definitely a favorite skirt in our house!!  Jodi Jean with Jocole is testing my pattern for me, and it will be out soon!!  YEAH!!
I gotta tell you about Jodi, I think she is absolutely fabulous.  I met Jodi through our Etsy shops. And I can definitely tell you, she is as genuine as them come.  We really hit it off when we met, we have quite a bit in common.  We graduated from the same college, both young mom's, and have a huge love for sewing.  Jodi also has some WONDERFUL patterns for sale.  So please go check you her shop as well -  To top it off, she has such a fun blog that you will probably fall in love with.  So many cute ideas!!
Jodi, Thanks again for testing my ruffle pattern!!


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Super cute shop - off to check it out some more! How could anybody resist this adorable model?

Jodi Jean said...

holy moley! jocole ... that's me!!! ... thanks for the write up shan, i'll be doing a write up of my review of your pattern on my blog. i just sent you some stuff, and pictures. thanks for letting me test it!

i couldn't get the skirt off of finley tonight, so she's sleeping in it :D