Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kydan Rae Kustoms, Thank you, and SALE!

A wonderful Pattern Tester again!!  I feel so lucky!!  Thank you Heather with Kydan Rae Kustoms.
This is a picture of the Haily Wrap that Heather tested, cute fabric, huh!  And model!
Heather is proud to be a wife and stay at home mom of 2 wonderful children.  She has been sewing for 13 years and loving it.  being a seamstress myself, I love to see quality from others.  Heather definitely has some wonderful things in her shop.  And it shows how much she pays attention to detail, from just looking at the seams, the fact that she pressed her items, and Wonderful pictures.
With some of the cutest models, you need to head over to her shop on Etsy!
And fan her on facebook!!
Here are some pictures from Kydan Rae Kustoms


And if you didn't notice, we decided on a name.  Thank you to all of you for your thoughts!  Thank you
dragons2daisies for the idea.  We chose to call it a wrap, and then I had to name it after my beautiful niece.  So that is why we call it the Hailey Wrap.
For the next week the pattern will sale for $4.50 instead of $6.50.  So grab it quick while it is on sale.  Thanks again to all of you who were willing to test it as well, I will have more patterns coming so please check back.