Monday, June 6, 2011

Jack and Jill Winner

What a crazy last couple weeks!!  I got a virus on my computer, the second in the past month.  I have a wonderful neighbor who is kinda an expert when it comes to these things.  So, he fixed it, he brought it back.  We worked on the computer for one day trying to catch up on everything we missed.  Then it got a virus again!!  So frustrating.  It is now fixed.  Life is now somewhat caught back up.

I did have a winner for the Jack and Jill Romper!!  Thank you Jamie for sewing this for me!!

Jamie is a stay at home mommy of a 3 year old and infant twins, and wife to a great guy. She enjoys cooking, sewing, quilting, and knitting for her kiddos and people she loves.  Go check out Jamie's blog find out how to mother a toddler and twins, keep her sanity through crafts and live happily and healthy on a budget.  While pregnant with her twins she got a crazy urge to create things and just wanted to try different types of crafts. She loves crafts that involve some kind of fiber-sewing, knitting, folding fabric flowers.  After the twins were born she decided to stay at home because good child care cost more than she brought in each month. So she created her etsy shop ( mostly to cover the cost of all the fabric and yarn that she loves to buy.  Jamie has so many things to see on her blog.  Tutorials, sewing projects, recipes, and so much more!  She is an amazing woman, and fun to follow along with as she is definatly staying sane with raising her children.  Also go to her Etsy shop that will be re-opening by mid July!!!  Check it out!!  My computer wouldn't let me add the cute picture that Jamie sent me of her Romper, so here is a cute picture she sent me of the Hailey Wrap pattern!



Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Shan, that Jack and Jill Bubble is so stinkin cute. Love it and love those pics!

Jamie said...

Oh how I love seeing my little cuties up there! Thank you so much Shan for this opportunity.

John Kenly said...

Cute babies.
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