Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Isn't there always a lot going on for all of us.  The end of the school year always bring graduations and school programs.  Sports are starting and some are ending.  It is such a busy time of year.  I always look forward to the summer though.  I feel like I get more time to just enjoy my kids, instead of running around every where.
This year is a little different for us.  We will be moving to a new city in a couple days, and at the end of the summer we will be having a baby!  We are very excited for the change, and ready for the new challenge.
Because of so much going on with my family right now, I have decided that I will not sew any custom orders until after Christmas 2012.  Maybe by then I will find some normalcy to my life! hehe  I will continue to sell my patterns and I will still work on the patterns that are ready to go out.  But I will not be designing anything new until January 2013.
I will continue to keep in touch and post on the blog, so please stay posted.  I am truly thankful for all of my followers.


pasqueflower said...

Good luck with the move--and enjoy your time with your new baby later this summer. You are so wise to scale back a little for now.

Mama Lusco said...

Exciting changes! Hoping you will have easy adjustments :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X