Thursday, May 16, 2013

Healthy Eats, Chicken Salad

Having 4 babies has had it's tole on my body!  Since our last baby was born last fall, I have been working hard to get my body back to what I want.  Some days it is not fun.  Some days I just want to eat every piece of junk food that I can see.  But overall, I have pleasantly been very proud of myself.  I had pinned this great recipe a while back, and thought I would make it for dinner a couple nights ago.  It was fantastic!  I loved it!  My kids actually asked if I would make it again sometime.  I didn't tell them that they just ate an avocado, so I think that helped, and I added some grapes to the salad which are a huge fan favorite in our house.  Thanks to Becoming Betty, I now have a new favorite in my house.  If you follow this link it will take you to the Becoming Betty blog so you can get the recipe.  Try adding some grapes and almond slices to it when you make it, you will love it!  The kids and I put the salad in wraps.
Picture is from Becoming Betty's blog.  Mine wasn't as pretty as her's!

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Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious. My kids love avocado but not so much chicken salad. Maybe this would change their minds.
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