Monday, July 22, 2013

Mountains of Idaho, and coupon code

I hope you all are having a fun summer!  I have been loving the time with my family.  We love to be in the outdoors and exploring or taking advantage of this beautiful earth!  We live in Idaho, and are so luck to have all of the mountains so close to us.  It makes it easy to take a quick trip or to stay and enjoy the day.  My husband has been fishing all his life, and he is so amazing at it.  Before we had kids, we went all the time.  Once we started having kids, we didn't want to take the little ones in the boat.  So Mike went without me.  A couple weeks ago we asked our mom's to watch the kids, and just the two of us floated down the river.  It was gorgeous!  I missed it so much, and just took it all in.  These pictures are not as great as some of you could have taken, but I just used my phone to take them.  But I think they are still gorgeous!

I also wanted to make sure you knew that I finally have the Daisy Purse in my shop for sale!  I wanted to make sure everyone knew that through Friday July 26th the pattern will be 1/2 off.  Make sure to use coupon code - PURSE12

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