Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pattern Designers United for a Cause

My good friend Frances has put together a fundraiser for 2 fellow pattern designers.

Both with young children at home, are caring for husbands fighting cancer. Both men have served in their country's military, both have a long road ahead of them.

This fundraiser is intended to help take some financial burdens off them and give them room to breathe. These sweet, strong women never complain. Anyone who has ever cared for an ill person can understand the demands placed on these women. It is a long road and a tough battle, but as one of the women said of her husband, "I still choose him so there isn't another option".

If you would like to visit each of these ladies shops, click on their pictures to shop!

Over 65 pdf pattern designers have come together to show support for Naomi and Annemieke. We are wives and/or mothers like they are. We love our families and we know it could easily be any one of us facing the same battle. We are not competetitors or rivals, we are a family. We stand together, united in support of Naomi and Annemieke. We lift them up and hope that we can do something to make life a little easier for them.

Our fundraiser is a way to let them know that even though we can't attend the appointments with them, that we can give them a virtual hug and that they're not going through this alone. They have friends, fans and family that know what they are going through and that we are happy to help. 
We are reaching out to ask each person who visits for a $2.00 donation and/or a supportive comment. You are welcome to donate more if you wish.

The Pattern Designers want to thank you for helping our friends. From now until 11/30, we have a giveaway for you. Please leave a comment on the youCaring site and you will be entered to win one of several pattern bundles from us, no purchase necessary. Thank you for spreading this fundraiser around! 
Some of the designers are also offering percentages of their sales to benefit Annemieke and Naomi. You will see the pattern bundles and the coupon codes by following the link to our Facebook group below.

Please copy and paste the link if necessary. If you are not on Facebook, send a message with your contact info to the organizer so you can be entered into the drawing for the pattern bundles.  Here is the link to the donation site -

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on December 2. Please visit the Facebook page at 



SJW @ Heartland Photography said...

Great fundraising idea! I'll be sure to check it out!

Vallon des Trésors said...

Good luck on your fundraising! These people have a lot to deal with at the moment, and I hope things will change for the better soon for them.

Melissa said...

This is a great cause. I hope it goes well!