Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank you!

I just finished leaving feedback to a few people who have purchased from my shop on Etsy.  Every time I have left feedback, I have thought to myself how thankful I am for their support.  Sometimes I feel like on the computer it is hard for us to fully express ourselves to others.  In person we are able to show our appreciation on our faces.  And I don't know if some of you other stay at home moms feel the same way.  I tell my husband all the time that have become really bad at having adult conversations.  I am much better with my kids, and I don't know where along the way I lost that, oops.
Any way, I just wanted to let all of you that follow my blog and support my shop, THANK YOU.  Really, I am so thankful for all the support I have received from everyone.  Some people started out as strangers and have become friends.  How lucky are we to be able to get to know more people through all these creative links!!  I am truly blessed!  THANK YOU!!!
I am not so good at getting my own pictures but I thought it was a fitting smile for this post.  Here is a cheesy smile for you!!

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