Saturday, February 7, 2015

Desire to Change

After I had my 4th baby, I was frustrated and hard on myself with how my body looked and felt.  I was trying to eat right, and follow clean eating plans.  I have always loved to have my "me time" while I workout.  And with the clean eating we were instilling in our home, we noticed that our daughter who was struggling in school had better focus.  But something was still missing for me.  I was trying to take some extra pounds off my body, and nothing was happening.  I wanted to learn more, and from an expert.  I started to do my homework.  I wanted more guidance to be a better example for my family.

My husband, kept noticing people post results that they had from doing a Beachbody program.  He would show me their results, and then boost me up to give it a try.  Lucky for him, I love when he gives me gifts of workout equipment or videos.   But he kept encouraging me to buy the full challenge pack program, not just the fitness program alone.  I had a hard time trying to do this because of the cost, but I was at the point I needed the extra push.  I knew it was just what I needed, so with his support I bought the program.

I bought Beachbody's 21 Day Fix program.  And I loved every minute of it.  The program came with an amazing eating plan that was so black and white, I didn't even have to question my eating choices.     After the 21 days I couldn't believe how much better I felt.  I was losing the weight that I never could fight off between any of the kids.  I was finding more energy to get my daily tasks done.  I was happier and nicer to my family, that is what they keep telling me!  With the program I was drinking Shakeology and noticed that if I drank it during the afternoon slump that I usually get, that it was the perfect time to keep me from grabbing the sweets.  So now I have it everyday, and don't know what I would do without it.  As you can see I have a little mouth that I have to share with.  This little guy loves it too, and if I could record his voice so you could hear how he says "Shakeogy", it is so cute!

I was down 13 pounds on day 21.  15 pounds on day 23.  And 6 months later I keep my weight down 20 pounds, and staying.  It has been an amazing to look in the mirror and be so proud of myself, and who I have become.  I wanted to share my success with others and help them achieve their health and fitness goals also.  Shortly after finishing the program, I decided to do just that.  I did my research in to the company, and watched other coaches.  Then decided that it was something I could do!  So I did!  I have been a fitness and health coach with Beachbody, and helped others see the same kind of results.

I have been blessed to be able to help people lose as little as 4 pounds, up to 20 pounds.  I have also been able to help people just find a better eating plan, and enjoy the Superfood Shake to give them the boost they need.

I am truly blessed for this opportunity, and I want to share it with everyone I know.  I would love to offer my help to you, if you are struggling in any way and might need some extra help.

If someone told you that your dreams were possible, would you reach and and try?  I would love to help.  Send me an email, or leave me a comment.  I am here to help you with your dream!


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