Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kisses for Kycie Update

I wanted to quickly stop in and tell all of you that supported my small fundraiser for "Kisses for Kycie" thank you!!  I am so humbled to see the love and support that a stranger will give to a family that the don't know.  I was able to raise $140.00 from my sewing patterns during the 2 week sale, and I was amazed at those who refused to use the coupon code and paid full price.

These are all notes sent to me on Kycie's behalf, and I wanted to share them with you. 

 - I just bought 2 of your patterns because I am so affected by your blog and the story of your friends. I don't sew, so please DON'T send the PDF's. I know my donation isn't much, but hopefully we can get more. BIG HUGS

 - We are heart bombing your shop in support of the little Kycie. God bless you!

 - Sending kisses for Kycie from NC :-)

 - gift to the family in honor of my mother. She was a RN with a bachelor's Degree in nursing.

 - Kisses from UT

 - Kisses from NC

 - Kisses from Austrailia

 - Kisses from GA

 - Kisses from WA

 - Kisses from MS

 - Kisses from LA

 - Kisses from TN

For those of you who have been following and want to know more on how she is doing, here is a link to her facebook page where you can find updates.  Here is a note from one of the most recent posts -

Post from Josh - Some days are harder than others. Kycie has a full day starting at 6:30 in the morning until her bath at night. Little sister seems to have had a stomachache all day. This makes her uncomfortable and makes therapy more difficult to tolerate. They push Kycie during therapy and this is good. At times very hard and exhausting pushing that little 5 year old body to its limit. But we know it is good for her and are thankful for compassionately aggressive therapists. Dad is a wimp when it comes to seeing his little girl cry in pain. Mom is granite, Dad is sand. Kycie is doing great. Her Cheer Coach came to visit tonight. When she left Kycie waved (lifted her arm a little) goodbye. My first time seeing her do that. Dealing with new onset T1D can and is difficult. Adding a severe brain injury to the equation is...well...I haven't found the right words yet. This little girl teaches me something every therapy session, every finger prick, every time she looks into my eyes. She is a miracle and does miraculous things each day. The road is long and daunting. But with Him all things are possible. This is possible. I know I'm not supposed to look too far into the future, but I really want to see her off on her first day of Kindergarten. But first, we need to wiggle those toes.


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