Friday, February 13, 2015

Pink Clean Eating Valentine Pancakes

Pancakes are a favorite in our house.  And so quick to do for a last minute dinner when life got too busy for the day.  Since we have tried to eat clean foods, the regular pancake mix that we loved had to be replace.  We have tried a bunch of recipes, and I have finally found my absolute favorite!!

So why not go all out and pull the cookies cutters out for Valentines day too!!  Just remember when you do it, to use metal cutters, not plastic like I did.  OOPS!!  I had the heat up too high, and two of my cutters melted a little.  I will be smarter next time.
 You can see the pink in the pancakes really well when it is still batter.  Once I cooked them, and they browned a little they didn't look as pink.
 But in that case, why not put some greek yogurt on the top and some fresh sliced strawberries.  Wouldn't this be so perfect for breakfast in bed!!

Here is the recipe!
Clean Eating Shakeology Pancakes
1/2c. Oats
1 banana

2 eggs
1/2 scoop Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

Topped with greek yogurt and sfresh sliced strawberries

Put all ingredients in the blender until well blended. Then pour into pan and flip to cook both sides.
Makes 4 pancakes.

If you are a 21 Day Fixer and want to know the breakdown of containers, here you go!
If you eat 2 of the pancakes with only half of a red container of yogurt you will use - 
1/2 purple
1 1/2 red
1/2 yellow

I am not going to lie either, I am really not a fan of plain greek yogurt.  While I do the 21 day fix, I will eat it.  But on a day to day I would much rather have the honey flavor.  So that is what you see in my picture.  If I eat this with plain, I will sprinkle cinnamon on the top since in the 21 Day Fix program, it is a FREE food.

Here is another idea too!!  We made these with Vegan Chocolate Shakeology as well.  LOVED IT!  We totally scored with this recipe with both flavors.  I would love to try it with all the flavors, I think they would all be fabulous!  And maybe add a little peanut butter in the Chocolate ones!?  What do you think, should I try it with the peanut butter?

And what do you do when you don't have Shakeology or don't even know what it is?  Send me an email!